Join Audience Finder and benchmark your audience data against other organisations in your sector and your local population.

Welcome to Audience Finder Wales

The Audience Finder platform will be available in both Welsh and English.

Explore mapping tools to identify potential growth areas to target your above-the-line marketing

See the true reach of your organisation against the latest Experian® household directory

Use sector-level benchmarks to compare & understand your slice of the cultural pie

Contribute to the bigger picture of national data, which will be used for cultural advocacy

Provide evidence of your audience demographics to funders, trusts & foundations

Profile your audiences’ cultural habits using Audience Spectrum & Mosaic


Audience Finder for Ticketing Data

Compatible ticketing systems can be connected to Audience Finder via a Data Extraction Client, which extracts your organisation’s ticketing data on a weekly basis. The data is then standardised, cleaned, anonymised, coded and analysed ready for reporting back to you. In the front end, you get a personalised dashboard of reports for your organisation, with the ability to compare your data on a like-for-like basis with national and regional census data and nationwide sector data for your artform.

Audience Finder for Survey Data

Audience Finder’s national standardised survey has become an industry standard, giving all arts organisations a framework for collecting audience demographics and information about motivations and experiences. And because everyone is asking the same questions with the same answer codes, it allows the benchmarking of your audience data against other cultural organisations in your region, and against the national and regional census data.

Show Stats for Touring Organisations & Venues

Audience Finder’s sister tool, Show Stats, gives touring companies and venues alike the opportunity to access insights at a performance level. Using Show Stats, all organisations can easily generate a clear picture of their audiences across single or multiple venues, analysing data across a full production/tour, or on a performance-by-performance basis. These insights are invaluable in creating the strongest possible integrated marketing plans or building cases for funding and partnership work.

Protecting Your Organisation’s Data

The Audience Agency, as custodian of the national Audience Finder dataset, is fully committed to protecting the personal information of the audience members (data subjects) who entrust their data to the arts and cultural organisations (data controllers) that use the Audience Finder service. We consider it our duty to maintain the trust and confidence of every audience member, and every data controlling organisation on whose behalf we provide the Audience Finder service. We will protect and process all personal information in accordance with both the letter and the spirit of the relevant data protection regulations.


  • Bilingual Audience Finder platform, available in both Welsh & English
  • Free automated data extraction from compatible ticketing systems
  • Free standardised national survey, with your choice of methodology
  • Access to suite of handy dashboard tools to analyse your data
  • Friendly support team available Monday to Friday, 10am–6pm (in English)
  • Welsh-language support available, minimum 2 days per week
  • 24/7 access to bilingual online Knowledge Base and Community Forum
  • Training and User Community events throughout Wales

GDPR & Data Security

Find out how we collect,
process, use and
keep your data secure.


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We are now onboarding ticketed organisations, touring organisations and all organisations who wish to use the national standardised survey, which is suitable for both ticketed and non-ticketed organisations.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team by emailing or phone 0207 260 2505.

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